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Vision 2020: Open Your Mouth that I Can Fill It

At the end of last year, I was curious to see what I could find about the Hebrew year 2020 and what leaders were saying. I was so blessed to come across a prophetic word from Dr Sandra Weppler.

When I read it, I knew this was a Word for the church in this present season and one of the statements made in the prophecy really got my attention.

I have already marked My front-liners and have begun to strategically position them for a major harvest of souls. The number 8 in Hebrew calendar 7580 symbolizes the beginnings of fulfilment of their destiny on this earth. Things that were said about them by My mouth even before they were born will come to pass for My front-liners because of their radical faithfulness. Despite what they went through, they trusted Me in complete obedience. This is the key I was looking for in My front-liners. Radical trust that leads to radical obedience that leads them into their destiny. And this will be their reward in the year 2020”

Something in my spirit leapt up when I read it. God has set His front-liners up for a harvest and those who were found to be radical in their obedience and trust are those who will have their reward in 2020.

Read more about what God has planned for 2020…

– Ps Roland Engel

We are a vibrant, passionate community of believers who love God and each other with all our hearts. One of our expressions of church is our Sunday Celebration in which we connect with God and those around us in a powerful, personal and meaningful way. Our journey together as Christian Family Centre or in short CFC was founded in January 2004 by Pastor Roland Engel.

Our Vision

Building God’s Kingdom in Hearts, Homes, Communities and Beyond.

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Our Life Groups meet during the week. CLICK HERE to enquire about one near you.

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We have prayer cells throughout Windhoek that pray every week. We also have monthly prayer meetings. CLICK HERE to find out more.


What to expect:

We are a multi-cultural family church who love all people, nations and cultures. We aim to make everyone feel at home and loved.

Our services are predominately in English. We have vibrant worship and powerful teaching and preaching from the Bible.

Family is very important to us and our services creates space for this.

What to wear:

Our church has a come as you are atmosphere. You will see some dressed up and some dressed casual. Although, we believe if you look in the mirror and your attire will please God, then you are ready to go.

Upcoming Events

2019 has been a great year full of exciting events that have connected people, built relationships and focused on people. As we approach the end of the year we are looking forward to a period of rest and rejuvenation. We have a great 2020 planned and hope you will join us in the new year.

Passionate Worship

The heart of the worship department is to facilitate authentic worship to our God. We want to see people encounter God through praise and worship.

We have a passion for expressing our love to Him through our talents and gifts which is why we aim for excellence and never performance. We focus on who He is and celebrate His character.

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