This July, with our Missions month, people who give their lives for the ministry and our nation will Be Our Guests!

Our hearts are for those who give up living in their own country, being close to family, having a steady income, security, and even sometimes having a holiday.

They are not rich, but they have enough, they pour out their lives for others, they care deeply and love honestly. They trust God and sacrifice more than we will ever know.

They and their children pay a price. Yes there is a reward, but it is hard sometimes.

On Sunday morning 28 July, we want to honour them. We want to thank them and appreciate them.

We want to invite them to CFC and as a body of Christ, a family, we want to bless them and lift them up!

During our July Missions Month you will hear about some of these people and what they do.

Please come and join us and be part of this special morning.

Sunday morning, 21 July, 09:30 at CFC.