Performer extraordinaire? Lip sync master? Then enter our Lip Sync Battle and pit your skills against the best to see who will come out tops. Prizes include Swag Bags!!!

This is an Ignite Yout event and all proceeds will go to support current and future Ignite activities. As always, thank you so much for supporting our Ministry!

Date: 21 June 2019
Time: 18:30
Venue: CFC Auditorium
Entrance fee: N$30.00 per person

Registrations opens 26 May and closes 14 June 2019

Individuals or a group of up to five can take part.

Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the evening with us.

There will be a tuck shop in the break time.

Competition Rules

  1. Registration begins on 15 May. Registration forms are available on the website and must be submitted no later than Friday, 7 June.
  2. Only the first 15 acts registered will perform. If more than 15 registrations are submitted, you will be notified and kept as an alternate act.
  3. Groups cannot have more than 5 members.
  4. You may be in only ONE act.
  5. Your entire group must attend ALL scheduled meetings & rehearsals.
  6. If you are chosen to compete, ALL music must be provided to Wimpie Vernooy for approval. Registrants will be contacted with more details. Failure to provide your music when required will result in your registration being cancelled and an alternate act taking your spot.
  7. Song selections must be 1(ONE) song by the original artist or studio re-make. Medleys, montages and DJ mixes are prohibited.
  8. Maximum time limit for your performance or song will be limited to no more than 3 minutes in length. Please understand that we are under a time limit. It is only fair to all that we use the same time limit. It is okay if your song is less than 2 minutes, but, if it is longer, at the 3-minute mark all music will be faded out.
  9. All songs and performances must be in good taste! This is a family event for all ages. Any performance done in poor taste will be interrupted and that performer will be disqualified. The performance done at the rehearsal will be the performance done for the show.

Judging Rules

The competition will be judged in these categories:

  1. Lip Sync Abilities: How well the performer(s) lip-sync the lyrics of the song.
  2. Creativity: How original and creative the performance is. Instead of just standing on stage and lip-syncing a song – props, choreography, costumes and/or other ideas should be used and often impresses the judges and generates crowd response. Be creative!
  3. Stage Presence & Choreography: Again, don’t just stand there! Engage the audience, dance, smile, make eye contact with the judges…you’re a STAR — have fun!

Each category will be worth 15 points each. In case of a tie, the act with the highest Lip Sync score will win. The Judges decisions will be final!

In addition to the judge’s decision a People’s Choice Award will go to the group that has the largest audience support.

For more information contact:

Wimpie Vernooy

081 880 0088

Registration Form


Entries open 15 May and close 7 June. No entries will be accepted after 7 June.

Category - choose one only

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