Greetings in the wonderful Name of Jesus our Lord.
I’m so aware of the season we’re living in and even with all the challenges people have, there is an excitement in the air and in our hearts about what God wants to do. We can feel it…it’s in the air so to speak!!
I came across an article written by a pastor who wrote: ‘It’s not all about you’ . As I read it I realised that even though we’re correct in saying things like this in the right context, it is also true that everything in church is about you and me. Again, in the right context, we know everything is about Jesus, and that He’s the centre of everything we do, but we understand by reading the scriptures correctly that a lot of things in church won’t happen if it wasn’t about the people serving in the church.
The great commission says, “Go”, yet if people don’t go nothing will happen to bring the lost into church.
We teach people that you are more than a conqueror in Christ, yet if they don’t encounter anything hard or difficult in the world they live in, what’s there to conquer?
We teach people that God doesn’t need our money as all the cattle on a thousand hills belong to Him, yet if it wasn’t for the men and women who give diligently how would the church be able to operate?
If people are broken and hurt and need someone to cry with them and pray for them, yet it’s not about them, how will they ever come to be ministered too? What a thin line!! Let me say it loud and clear:
As believers we know it’s not all about us, but it’s also true that in this time and season, God needs His children to make things happen. It is about us taking up our responsibility and getting involved with the vision and initiatives of CFC or the church you belong to and saying;
God, here I am. Lord use me in any capacity you may need me in.
I’m so grateful and thankful for people who know who they are in Christ and who know that it’s all about God’s kingdom, yet understand we are all responsible for making our vision a priority. Beloved, God is moving in a special way and I believe we can all testify to that. So thank you for the amazing part you play in CFC and in making the dream come true. We’re dreaming with God to impact our city, our nation and even beyond and as ALL PEOPLE matter I want to encourage you to give your best to God in regard to your time, your resources, your finances, your gifting and your abilities.
Whatever you and I have to do to reach out to all people, let’s give it our best shot. Now is the time and God is ready to surprise us beyond what we could have ever imagined because all people matter to Him.
We love you !!

– Ps Roland and Denise