Vision 2020:

Open Your Mouth Wide
so I Can Fill It

Dear Beloved

Welcome back to all our CFC members, regular visitors and to those of you logging in for the first time onto our website, welcome. I greet you in the lovely name of our Lord Jesus Christ and I trust that you and your family had a brilliant holiday season. May 2020 be an awesome year for every one of us as we live to please the King.


Our theme for 2020: Open Your Mouth Wide that I Can Fill It


In our planning for 2020 God gave me the scripture in Palms 81:10 that says: “I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.”

I seldom search the internet to see what’s happening in church circles and what leaders feel God is saying to the church. What I have noted is that there’s a golden thread running right through those conversations where I can see that God is saying the same thing to His leaders and children worldwide.

At the end of last year, I was curious to see what I could find about the Hebrew year 2020 and what leaders were saying. I was so blessed to come across a prophetic word from Dr Sandra Weppler.

When I read it, I knew this was a Word for the church in this present season and one of the statements made in the prophecy really got my attention.

I have already marked My front-liners and have begun to strategically position them for a major harvest of souls. The number 8 in Hebrew calendar 7580 symbolizes the beginnings of fulfilment of their destiny on this earth. Things that were said about them by My mouth even before they were born will come to pass for My front-liners because of their radical faithfulness. Despite what they went through, they trusted Me in complete obedience. This is the key I was looking for in My front-liners. Radical trust that leads to radical obedience that leads them into their destiny. And this will be their reward in the year 2020”

Something in my spirit leapt up when I read it. God has set His front-liners up for a harvest and those who were found to be radical in their obedience and trust are those who will have their reward in 2020.

My dear friend and everyone reading this letter, may it be found that as we open our mouths wide in 2020, we’ll experience God filling it with His best. I pray that we will have a godly collision with our destiny. I pray that we will take hold of that which God has prepared for us, His children, even before we were born.

 This is going to be the year when God is going to fill our mouths. This is going to be the year when we’re going to receive our reward and where we’ll see the prophetic word of God come to fulfillment for our life. This is going to be the year for us, the church, to take the land God prepared for us. This is going to be our year says the Lord!!

Open Your Mouth Wide that He May Fill It!

God Bless You!

– Ps Roland and Denise