For the vision is yet for an appointed time;
But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
Because it will surely come,
It will not tarry.

Habbakuk 2:3

Pastor Roland’s dream to create an auditorium for the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father, was the brief for the new CFC auditorium development. A dream to create a facility which will share and spread the Word of God to all nations, as commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ. This will be a facility where all people and cultures of our nation can care and share their love with each other in the name of our Heavenly Father.

Jan Spruyt Architect’s proposed development includes the following:

  • Existing CFC building will be converted into the new children’s church.
  • Existing CFC offices will be converted into offices for the children’s church staff.
  • The area behind the current sound desk will be demolished and be used for the main auditorium.
  • The new auditorium will consist of a ground floor with the main auditorium, a first floor accommodating the gallery and a basement floor under the podium with a sound/recording room and a workshop.
  • Ground floors of the new and old buildings will be connected via a door through the offices of the children’s church and a door behind the existing sound desk in the new children’s church.
  • No windows or glazed external doors will be provided for the auditorium to create a special intimate atmosphere.
  • 1200 people will be accommodated in the main auditorium: 750 on ground floor and 450 on first floor.
  • Parking area will provide parking for 251 cars.

Symbolism of the design:

The two most prominent elements of the existing building: the entrance foyer roof and the cross on the entrance wall are repeated in the new auditorium, but the form, shape and texture of these elements were intentionally changed to represent and accentuate the progress and growth of CFC.

The approach of a guest to the main entrance foyer is dramatically intercepted by the flying butterfly roof positioned at an altitude enough to evoke feelings of dynamism, defiance of natural laws and forward progression.

This dynamism further alludes to the progress and growth that all of us desire to experience in our own personal relationship with our Father.

The butterfly roof further creates an architectural connection between the old and the new buildings thereby forming a perfect unity, reflective of the membership at CFC.

Looking at the building from the front, we have designed two prominent columns on the left and right hand sides of the entrance foyer, behind the cross-laden entrance wall. These three elements are representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and their eternal unity.

By introducing glass, open areas, and double volumes in the entrance foyer of the building these elements create an inviting atmosphere where all visitors will feel welcomed, in addition to the volume of the space being proportional to the large numbers of people during peak times. The large, glazed entrance foyer also provides a visual and visceral link to the famous Auas mountains to the south: second highest in Namibia. A symbol of the permanence of our faith in the region.

By making use of a considerable amount of glass in the design of the double volume of the entrance foyer, we further emphasize transparency, warmth and authenticity, that will be experienced by everyone entering the building: the main characteristics of our faith here at CFC.

With our decision to design the auditorium without any windows the aim is to create an intimate atmosphere where lights and sound will have a great impact on the visitor’s spiritual and sensory experience.

The crosses at the back of the church represent the House of God, and further remind visitors to the neighbouring facilities of the presence of our Father.

The material and colour palettes consist of modest undertones of grey and off shutter concrete, which reflects the humility of the CFC family and gives a nod of camaraderie to the existing children’s chapel of a similar palette.

The northern facade of the building accommodates windows for the backstage area. It also has a sliding door leading from the coffee drinking area to the garden on ground floor. The windows further provide natural light for the offices.

Overall, the understated minimalist approach and straight-line geometry of the building create a sense of place in harmony with its calm environment, whilst providing the users with utmost comfort and a place to call home.

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