Welcome to our Annual CFC Potjiekos competition.

Our Life Groups will compete against each other for the title of Best Potjie!

This is a family event, and we invite everyone to join in on the fun!

This is how it works!

Due to Covid regulations and a limit of 100 people at large gatherings, the Life Groups will get together in their sections at smaller venues.
The Life Groups in one section will compete against each other for best potjie, best team spirit, and best theme.

Our heart behind this event is to invite our unsaved friends to come and make a potjie with us and meet those in our group. We want to invite the lost to make healthy friendships and people who are lonely into a group of people who care for each other.

Is there a someone that comes to mind?
Let us be active and intentional; praying for someone that we can invite!

Ask your Life Group leader for more information on what your group is planning.