Dearly Beloved

Starting with a new year we often find ourselves in a conversation where people have all kinds of New Year’s Resolutions. One friend of mine jokingly said he hasn’t  finished with last year’s resolutions, so he’s just continuing with what he couldn’t finish.

Thinking about what I would like to do in order not to find myself at the end of another year knowing that I wasted my time or even worse, that my whole year was in fact a waste, I decided to call myself to order and to do something that will hopefully have an everlasting effect. Wondering how in the world I could possibly do something worthwhile I realised that if I wanted to make an impact, it would have to be related to or be connected to the kingdom of God.

In light of our Vision 2022, Consider the Kingdom, I want to take this opportunity to invite you to go on a journey with me in not only discovering God’s kingdom, but also to considering His kingdom more than ever and to remind ourselves that God said if I seek His kingdom first, all these other things life is all about, would be added unto you and me. Matt 6:33

So, I have an expectation that God will open up our hearts and eyes to see what He’s capable of doing through you and me when His kingdom is our priority and even surprise us when we look at Him working in and through us in a way that will change our lives and the lives of people all around us.

Considering God’s kingdom will create a platform for you and me to experience what people of old had the privilege to see when Jesus walked among them. Listen to what the bible has to say in Mark 1:27

And they were all amazed, so that they questioned among themselves, saying, “What is this?

Imagine 2022 being a year in your and my life where people who come into contact with us would start saying: “ What is this?”

So, my dear friend, consider God’s kingdom this year with me and allow God to surprise you with the things He has lined up for you.

Be blessed.

– Ps Roland and Denise