Hi everyone

I am sure we have all heard someone express the following sentiment,

“Well if that is how a Christian lives and speaks, I never want to be a Christian.”

Is it not so sad to hear people make a statement like this?

My dear friend, it is so true that people in the world and around us will never stop looking at how we as Christians live and they will never stop listening to the things that come from our mouths. Sadly enough, they will often use the mistakes we make to justify their decision not to follow or love God.

I know that nobody who calls themselves a child of God thinks or believes that we live a perfect life without making mistakes. Yet it seems so unfair that people will use our mistakes in life as an excuse not to love God.

This does not make living our lives in a broken world easier and even though we try our best to please God knowing we are human too, I believe there is a renewed focus on us as believers to make an effort to live our lives even more so according to Godly and biblical principles.

What better way to know how to live than to find out what Jesus had to say about life. Friends we are going to look at some amazing biblical principles Jesus laid down for us in scripture by which we should live. Even more so just think what it would be like if we could allow God to transform us in such a way that His principles become our day to day lifestyle and how His principles become the foundational basis by which we conduct our daily living.

I also believe with all my heart that the more we live by biblical principles and they become engraved on our hearts and imprinted in our minds, we will find fewer people complaining about who we as Christians are and use fewer excuses for why they do not want to love and serve God.

So, my dear friend, I want to encourage you to come with us on a journey during the month of May and see for yourself how Jesus wants you and me to live in this world.

It is going to be an exciting month so do not miss out. If, for whatever reason, you cannot join us on a Sunday at CFC, please listen to the sermons here on this page. I am trusting God for it to be life-changing.

See you soon.

Be blessed in Jesus’ Name.


– Ps Roland and Denise