We are very excited to present this new and relevant teaching, Healthy Sexual Identity.

What we will cover to give you insight and understanding:

– How boys and girls develop, and how to identify with our sexual identity according to God’s design?

– How to parent our children in the current culture of hypersexuality?

– How do we as a church remain clear, using God and His Word as our fixed points, as the culture of today is mixed and undefined?

– How to deal with pornography, sexual abuse and homosexuality.

– Internet addiction, boundaries, screen time, app dos and don’ts, digital detox and device-free zones.

In the midst of confusion, we all need clarity.
Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, His word is our guide and His Word is true. Whenever we align ourselves with that, we get back to redemption and restoration and the way that He created us to be.
His compassion is real, His truth and clarity are on point and as we follow Him we will always be set free.

It is a three-part series that will run over three Wednesday evenings.
2, 9 and 16 March 2023               18:00 – 20:00

Christian Family Centre
4 Golf Street, Windhoek.
The road between Arebbusch Lodge and Windhoek Truckport

Babysitting is available for a small donation.