O F  T H E  K I N G D O M






O F  T H E  K I N G D O M





Dearly beloved

What a super exciting time for us in CFC.

I truly hope that you were blessed and encouraged with our previous series on “Living by Biblical Principle” during the month of May.

We are excited to invite you to join our next journey in regards to our 2022 vision of Considering God’s Kingdom. We are going to look at the “Parables of the Kingdom” as Jesus taught them to the disciples and the people.

Ever wondered why people love storytelling?  I believe it is because we can often see ourselves in the story or we can often identify with the characters. When a story depicts part of our life or the challenges we face, we seldom forget such a story  This is especially true when there is a good or triumphant ending.

That is why I believe Jesus made use of parables so that you and I can make them our own and so that we can know how God’s kingdom functions with the bright prospect of “It’s finally going to be OK” or “All is going to work out for me.”

So, I invite you to come and join us for the next four weeks as we take a good look at the stories Jesus told people about the Kingdom of God.

It’s going to be exciting and if you, for any reason miss out, please come back to this page and download the sermons.  I trust God that this series will be life-changing.

Stay blessed and see you soon.

– Ps Roland and Denise