— How did the church start?

David and I joined the Christian Mission Conference in Shanghai China in 2013. We knew about this country Namibia during the meeting, and received the calling of God coming to Africa as His full-time missionaries. We have never been alone, because our home church in China and CFC started building the divine relationship for the Chinese gospel work in Namibia. We got support from two churches and two pastors’ spiritual guidance.

The first Sunday we started Chinese service in CFC, there were 19 Chinese people who came to join us. God showed his faithfulness to confirm His calling to us. We didn’t hesitate to accept it and felt glorious to be chosen by God as full-time ministers. That’s the very beginning of the Chinese church start.

— How did you and David get here?

When we went back to home church from the conference in Shanghai, the whole church people in our hometown prayed for us for six months to confirm God’s calling on us as a young generation. After six months waiting, we started the mission journey together in Africa. In order to understand Namibian culture and to join in quickly, we went to South Africa first to visit Johannesburg and Pretoria for a few days to see the people and cities there, after that we flew to Namibia for the real mission.

— How long has this church been in operation?

The church was set up from October, 2013. It has been over 9 years, we are heading to the 10th year, and we plan to celebrate the 10th anniversary in 2023 in our new property.

— Your vision and mission as a church

Our vision is spreading God’s kingdom and affecting people to live holy lives, to inspire more people to live for God as their life’s goal and value. Let God use Namibia as the blessed base to reach more countries. 

— When are your main services?

The main service is Sunday worship and sermons, discipleship training in the evening meetings, marriage teaching, and leadership training. We hope to train more missionaries to go all over the world including China.

Sunday English Service: 13:30 – 14:30

Sunday Chinese Service: 15:00 – 16:30

— Do you have small groups or prayer time or any other activities during the week?

We have bible study meetings on Tuesday and Friday evenings from 18:30-20:00.