Families are raising children in a fast-changing environment where morals, values and wholesome views are being challenged and undermined.

Children are encountering materials, messages and even lessons that create confusion with regard to their identity and purpose.

The Smart Life program equips educators and parents with the training and learning materials needed to positively impact young lives as they navigate the complexities of their own development.

We need to equip children with knowledge so that they can make the right choices and with strong character so that these choices can be held firmly even in the face of the culture’s sexual blitz.

Victories won’t come from wearing condoms or swallowing birth control pills, but from wisdom, maturity, and self-control. These are the lessons that only we, the adults in their lives, can teach them.


Sexuality Mentoring, Aids, Relationship Training, Life skills & family Education.


Smart Choices is a value-based, character-building program that teaches children and young people to make smart choices to lead a smart life.

Smart Choices = Smart Character = Smart Life = Smart Destiny


The program provides materials, guidebooks and scripted lesson plans for teachers, parents and counsellors covering the entire program from Grade R to 12.


Topics that are covered:

  1. Smart Life House
  2. House of Character
  3. House of Destiny
  4. Smart choices to care for my body
  5. Smart choices to protect myself
  6. Smart choices to view media wisely

When: 10 June

Time: 08:00 – 20:00

Where: CFC

Cost: N$400 per person or N$650 per couple
Lunch, dinner, coffee breaks and workbook included.

Space is limited to 40 participants. First come, first served. A minimum of 10 participants is needed for the training to proceed.