What is Discipleship School?

Our Discipleship Training School has been running for 7 years and is changing lives in a big way.

The CFC Discipleship Training School is building God’s kingdom by training people to be disciple-makers who cultivate a love for God, know their identity in Him and live their lives on a mission.

It is our desire that each participant learns to listen to God, obey His word and share that life with others. We do this in the context of healthy community through devotional time with Jesus, teachings, Discovery Bible Studies, group discussion, active learning and accountability. Doing what we know and implementing these truths in our daily life is central!

When are the Classes?

  • The training runs from February to August, with a two week break in May.
  • We meet Monday nights from 18:00 – 21:00 and one Saturday a month.
  • We start with a weekend retreat. 2-4 February 2024
  • We take short mission trips called Luke 10 trips during the training.

if you have any queries contact:

Joanie Beukes


081 446 2255

How to apply

Step 1: Read through the modules and values below.

Step 2: Complete the application form using the Apply Now button. Applications close on 30 November 2023.

Step 3: The DSchool administration will contact you.

Step 4: If you are approved attend a compulsory meeting on 21 January 2024 from 11:30 – 12:00 at CFC.


Great Commission Mindset

  • God’s Heart for the Nations
  • Evangelism and how to find spiritually hungry people
  • Discipleship – who is a disciple and how to make disciples

Biblical Worldview

  • Old Testament Overview 
  • New Testament Overview
  • The Story of God’s Glory
  • The Authority of the word of God versus Culture
  • Spiritual warfare

Healthy Relationships

  • Spiritual Authority – How to be in and under authority
  • Judgement Seat of Christ – living for eternity
  • Living a life of honour and character in the community

Life Skills

  • Hearing God
  • Time with Jesus and the spiritual disciplines
  • Faithful in little
  • Live simply, work diligently, give generously (finances)
  • Time management

Character of God

  • Father Heart of God
  • Holy Spirit – Who is He and How does He work? (Spiritual Gifts)
  • Centrality of Jesus

Personal Wholeness

  • Identity – who am I (Romans 6-8)
  • Healthy sexual identity
  • Calling
  • Suffering – the way of the cross
  • Power of forgiveness
  • Relinquishing Rights 
  • The Battle of the mind