Dear beloved CFC Family

It’s wonderful to welcome everyone back from a busy festive and holiday season.  I trust that you all had a wonderful time of rest and that you are ready for the year that lies in front of you. If you are visiting our website for the first time, a warm heartfelt welcome!! I trust you will enjoy our site find the information that you are looking for.

Friends our theme for 2024 is Greater things are yet to come.

Since we opened our office at the beginning of January my faith has somehow seemed to begin to increase more and more. I feel like I’m ready to take the bull by the horns so to speak and there is also this fresh excitement in my spirit. An unexplained excitement that prompts me to get myself ready for something great to happen regarding God’s kingdom this year. Even as I pray, I’m constantly praying that God let us, His children, see and experience in a much greater way the things to come this year.

As I was preparing to write this letter, I was reminded of a prophetic word I read a few days ago by Tom Hamon. I knew then that this word was a timely word for this season and I just felt in my heart to share it with you if I may. Please read it a few times and allow God to speak to you.

At a gate called Beautiful (Acts 3) something powerful started to take place. A man who was born lame had stopped having any expectation that anything good could take place to dramatically shift his life’s trajectory. He had given up to a life of begging. However, this word “beautiful” (in the Greek) does not just mean pretty; it literally means “belonging to the right hour or season (timely),” or “blooming.” It says that as this man was begging, the apostles walked through the gate. As the story goes, they heard the man begging for alms. I’m sure they had heard it a myriad of times before. I’m sure that this man had become a part of the landscape of Jerusalem that everyone was familiar with. However, at the “right hour,” the apostles responded differently than they had ever done before. Anointed by the Holy Spirit and endowed with power, they told the man that they didn’t have any money for him that day, but they had something better! They boldly commanded him to arise and walk, and it says that he went walking and leaping and praising God! 

A notable miracle took place that day that no one could deny. It shook the very fabric of a whole city! I believe that we are going to see notable miracles in this hour that will result in leaping and praising God, bringing a transformative impact on cities and nations in our generation. God is going to bring forth some miraculous suddenlies for many that have given up on seeing their miracle. Some that have given in to grief and given up on their vision of wholeness and life are going to rise up in this hour! And some that have looked at the landscape of their life and community, and have lowered their expectation to only natural solutions, are going to begin to have faith for a supernatural work! 

A leap is when you take a significant jump to a higher level or advancement. And faith is an expectation that God is going to do something great. Let’s do it. Let’s take some leaps of faith this year! I believe that this is a season to take leaps of faith, go through your gates, and praise God as the Lord who does amazing things to advance us and His Kingdom this year!

Tom Hamon 

Friends did you notice the phrases “belonging to the right hour or season” and “miraculous suddenlies.” Well God is moving His hand over this world with a much greater intensity even in the midst of all the chaos happening right now and at the same time He’s calling out, He’s calling out to you and me to trust Him and to leap into a higher level of faith and expectation this year.

So, let’s stretch our faith and let’s make significant jumps, for surely, God has spoken to say, “Greater things are yet to come for you and me.”

Be Blessed
Roland and Denise

Theme 2024

Greater Things are Yet to Come

by Pastor Roland Engel