Faith Foundations


Biblical truth presented in a practical and easy to apply way.

Faith Foundations is a two week short course that covers foundation topics for followers of Jesus Christ. The aim of each session is to present biblical truth in a practical and easy to apply way.


We cover the Father heart of God, The Whole Gospel, Holy Spirit and Time with Jesus. Coenraad Coetzee heads up the course and is known for his uncomplicated and practical approach to life.


We encourage attendance of both Sundays consecutively but if one is missed the skipped class can be attended on the following cycle.

When: Sundays 8:30-10:30am

 16 and 23 April
4 and 11 June
6 and 13 August
1 and 8 October 


Week 1
Father Heart of God
The Whole Gospel

Week 2
Holy Spirit
Time with Jesus

Venue: Training Centre at CFC