It is better to give than to receive

Get Involved in Missions

If you are looking for somewhere to get involved and give of yourself, your time or your money we have several projects that we are involved in. These are organisations that value our vision and are building God’s kingdom in communities.

Hope for Life Foundation

Hope for Life Foundation

What they do:
Hope for Life provides social and economic upliftment to Namibians with a focus on crises pregnancies. They provide loving counselling, support and training in order to live a successful life. They raise funds to send children to school who otherwise would not be able to go. They do community visits every week where they teach and equip people to create work for themselves and earn an income.

How you can get involved:
Donate clothes, blankets, nappies, baby products, toys, food items for business starter packs, toiletries and cash.
Join them on their weekly visits to mums in need.

Contact Hope for Life


Director: Wimpie Vernooy
081 880 0088

Individuals in Need of Care

We care for those in our church family and community who are in dire straits, through food parcels, blankets, clothes and any other practical way that we can support them.

How can you get involved:
Donate food, clothes and blankets.
Join us when we visit those in need.

Mahahe Mission

Director: Wimpie Vernooy
081 880 0088

Mahahe Mission Station

Mahahe Mission Station is based in a small village outside of Rundu, in the north of Namibia. The mission station was established in 2007 with the vision to impact the community through the word of God and practical ways to improve the villagers’ living conditions.

The mission is run by an amazing couple, Theo and Annamarie and their three children. They manage the station, plant gardens, minister to those in the area and help to meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Their passion is to reach young people and impact their lives with Christ so that they can make wise decisions for their future. They love developing skills in people to empower them to improve their lives and earn extra income.

Two solar boreholes provide water for the mission and the village. Little Flower Kindergarten provides pre-school education and is run by Elsabe who also lives at the mission.

The mission station runs entirely on donations with plans in place to generate its own income in the near future.

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How You Can Help

Suicide Prevention

Director: Wimpie Vernooy
081 880 0088

Suicide Awareness and Prevention

What they do:
We assist and counsel people with suicidal behaviour, but also do awareness to tell people that there is always hope in God. He is the One Who can make a way where there seems to be no way.

How you can get involved:
Train as a counsellor. CLICK HERE for more information on our training course.


Contact: Charles Sawyer
081 360 5152

Khomas Homeless Development Organisation

What they do:
KHDO gives homeless adults and children a cooked meal three times a week. They also help with clothes, blankets, baby clothing, nappies and milk. They do upliftment programs, counselling and assist them in finding work or generating their own income

How you can get involved:
Donate clothes, blankets, baby clothes, nappies, baby formula, food and toiletries.

Side by Side

MD: Huipie van Wyk
081 147 7760

Side by Side Early Intervention Centre (Disability Care)

What they do:
A centre that supports children with disabilities by training, counselling and supporting their families. The centre has therapists who cater for the physical needs of the children and train the families on the different types of therapies that their child needs. They do weekly home visits to deliver specialised milk for the children and follow up on their care and progress. They have recently started a home-school for those children who are able to attend school.

How you can get involved:
Donate clothes, blankets, nappies, toiletries, toys and cash for the specialised milk.